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Biblioteca de São Paulo (BSP – Library of São Paulo), inaugurated on February 8, 2010, to encourage and promote pleasure via reading.

Located in the Capital’s North Area, BSP was conceived to offer an innovative social inclusion project through reading. Its structure was planned to provide comfort, autonomy and consideration to the user/ member, the library’s central element.

Occupying an area of 4,257 square meters to serve the people – children, youth, adults, the elderly and disabled, BSP possesses several technological resources and offers its users computers, a wi-fi network and self-service terminals. In addition, contents are available in several formats – traditional books, Braille and audio books, Kindles, DVDs, CDs and games.

Inspired by the Library of Santiago, Chile, and following the best practices adopted by public libraries in the Country, BSP is aligned with the Mais Cultura Program actions, of the Ministry of Culture (MinC), which has, among other efforts, been offering equipment and spaces allowing the population access to both cultural production and expression, nationwide.

Reading and Technology

The fascination of adults, youth and children for the digital world is one of the possible approaches to reading. In a welcoming and colorful environment, with comfortable furniture, BSP provides more than 90 computers for visitors to access internet (freely, during 120 minutes a day), watch movies, listen to music, play and relax in its several social areas, reading books, magazines or newspapers. It provides a great collection of DVDs and new reading technologies such as e-readers and devices that allow e-book reading and other digital media.

BSP uses an information management system that controls all Library routines, by offering a locker key: user registration; web consultation of the library’s collection; online circulation and renewal and the production of management and statistical reports; self-borrowing equipment, permitting readers to withdraw titles of their interest without requiring desk assistance.


BSP provides, in addition to special furniture adapted for wheelchair users, reading auxiliary devices for the visually impaired (the blind or with very poor sight), such as electronic magnifiers, computers with screen readers, height adjustable and adaptable tables. A highlight is Poet Scan, which enables users to scan book pages which they can read at their leisure (at higher or lower speed) and follow the text in Braille.

Children and Youth Floor

An area organized in age brackets represented by colors. Orange denotes the age bracket for 0 to 3 and 4 to 6; lilac is destined for those 7 to 11; and green from 12 to 17.

Children and Youth may explore a universe of possibilities: individual and group readings, dramatization, internet and games, among other activities that aim to encourage interest in books and the Library.

The setting offers users welcoming and cozy environment, an invitation to relaxing and comfortable reading.

Parents and guardians may remain close to their children, stimulating them and accompanying them.

Adult Floor

Several literary genres are available on this floor, prized books, newspapers and magazines, Kindles, movies, music and computers with internet access.

There is also a corner reserved for the +60 project and the +18 lounge. Both spaces have collections destined to these users.

Collection Development

To encourage and promote the taste for reading, the composition of the collection is diverse and permanently updated.

The major focus is National and International literature. Complementary topics are in the areas of Philosophy, Religion, Self-help, Sports, Biographies, and History among others.

The acquisition of books, DVDs, magazines, newspapers, comic books, launches and the editorial market’s best sellers is constant. BSP also accepts purchase suggestions of works.

Articulation with the Municipal Public Libraries

BSP, as the transmittal center of the best practices in the area of Librarianship and Information Sciences, permanently provides courses and events conducted to enable teams that work in the Municipal Public Libraries which integrate the State Library System (Sistema Estadual de Bibliotecas Públicas – SisEB).

BSP Staff

Sueli Motta – Director
João Conde – Operation Manager
Priscila Ynoue – Schedule and Production Coordinator
Genésio Manoel and Silva – Schedule and Production Coordinator
Abdael José da Silva – User Service Coordinator
Karina Cristina Lopes – User Service Coordinator
Luciana Marques – Library Collection Coordinator


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