How to donate books


It is common for people to get in touch with the Library to donate books. Find out how to do so.

Donation Criteria:

  • BSP only accepts donations by first sending the names of the titles, authors and date of publication to the email After receiving the books, they are evaluated for their state of preservation and check whether the titles are pertinent to the collection.
  • BSP preferably accepts donation of literature books of editions that are up-to-date according to the second Orthographic Agreement of the Portuguese Language adopted in Brazil since 2009.
  • The books must be with covers, spines and the interior preserved and clean; without wrinkles due to excess luminosity or contact with liquids; without torn, ripped out or scrawled pages; with no signs of contamination by pests that attack wood, like termites and moths, among others, and free of bacteria and fungi.
  • The donator must fill in the Book Donation Term.
  • The donated books are incorporated to the BSP collection or delivered to other libraries more adequate to public interest.
  • BSP does not accept donation of magazines, school and technical books.
  • In case of donating materials like CDs, DVDs, audio books and Braille, the same procedure is undertaken.


Click here to see the Book Donation Terms.


More Options

The books you intend to donate do not match to the above mentioned criteria? There are other possibilities! You can participate in amazing projects such as LivraBook, the BookCrossing Brasil and the Bicicloteca.

LivraBook: Project designed to promote the exchange of books among the population. How it works: you enroll a list of books you have for exchanging and another for the ones you would like to get. When a user asks for one of your books, you send it by mail. When your book is received by the other person, you receive one point to request another book.

BookCrossingRead, Register and Release: The practice of leaving a book in a public place (cafe, public transportation, park benches, etc.), to be found and read by another reader, who will do the same in return. When registering one work in the project, the website automatically generates an ID number called BCID (BookCrossing Identification Number), which is unique and exclusive for each book. This allows the original “owner” and all the others who check it in on the website to receive information about the book’s trip around the world.

Bicicloteca: The itinerant Library that uses a bicycle as the vehicle for transporting the books. Its aim is to bring culture to people that, for several reasons, do not have access to a Library.

At Pró-Book institute website it is possible to find another list ( of institutions that accept donations.



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