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The Biblioteca de São Paulo (BSP – Library of São Paulo) is part of an array of initiatives of the State Secretary of Culture to encourage and foment the habit of reading, which occurs both via traditional and digital books. That is why at BSP paper books commingle with the new technologies – like the e-readers, devices that make reading of e-books and other digital media possible.

The fascination of adults, youth and children for the digital world is one of the possibilities for greater intimacy with reading. E-books are not rivals, but allies in the proposal of social inclusion proposal by means of reading.

Good reading!



The Biblioteca de São Paulo (BSP – Library of São Paulo) has new features for its members! Now, through a tool called Livro Clip (Book Clip), all the registered users may have digital access to several literary works.

Books like Gulliver’s Travels, by Jonathan Swift; Brás; Bexiga e Barra Funda, by Antônio de Alcântara Machado; The fortune teller, by Machado de Assis; The Lady of the Camellias, by Alexandre Dumas Filho; The city and the mountains, by Eça de Queirós; The Comedy of Errors, by William Shakespeare, among others, can be freely downloaded in .pdf format. In addition, the member also has access to videos and digital animations with data about books and information about the author.

Most of the titles are of public domain, which means, they are works not submitted to copyright laws and may be freely commercialized.

There is also one section focused on children’s books and another called BookGames; games developed based on some book plots that can be used as educational material.

To use this new tool, which can also be accessed by tablets, laptops or smart phones, you just log in on your member profile on BSP’s website and click the option “Livro Clip”.

BSP’s initiative is aligned with the proposal of offering digital content to all visitors of the Library.

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