SP Leituras (SP Readers)

SP Leituras (SP Readers) is formed by a group of writers, editors, teachers, literary agents and cultural producers who believe reading is imperative to cultivate critical human beings, who are willing to think, appreciate and create based on their own impressions and interpretations.

Therefore, in 2010 the Paulista Association of Libraries and Reading or simply SP Readers was created, a social cultural organization oriented towards facilitating reading to the most varied audiences, with special attention to the disabled.

Attuned to the cultural policies of the State of São Paulo, the commitment is to transform Public Libraries into a live element in the community’s daily routine by offering:

•    varied and broad ranging book collections, magazines, newspapers and updated DVDs;
•    diverse information support;
•    reading access to people with motion, sight and/or auditory difficulties;
•    educational and cultural events;
•    interaction with the users.

Administrative Council

Marino Lobello – President
Maria Eugênia Malagodi – Vice President
João Conde – Employee Representative

Antonio Dimas
Flavio Mendes Bitelman
Mário César Martins de Camargo
Marisa Barros de Moura
Ottaviano Carlo De Fiore
Pedro Bandeira
Rodrigo Lacerda
Ruth Rocha

Board Directors
Pierre André Ruprecht – Executive Director
Armando Antongini – Financial Administrative Director
Secretary of Culture
The Library of São Paulo is an accessory of the State Secretary of Culture. An integral part of the State System of Public Libraries (SisEB), it is in charge of the Libraries and Reading unit, whose responsibilities are: to formulate, plan, implement and evaluate the cultural policy for the Public Libraries of the State of São Paulo; encourage and promote reading, support and implement actions, programs and vocational projects, professional enablement and updating for the Public Libraries’ staff; support the maintenance of the Municipal and State Public Libraries’ collections, among others.

State Governor

State Secretary of Culture

Adriana Cybele Ferrari
Library Units and Reading Coordinator (Unidade de Bibliotecas e Leitra – UBL)